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Choosing the Right IPL Glasses for the Candela Siris Machine: Attenutech’s Expert Recommendations

ESSENTIAL IPL EYE PROTECTION FOR CANDELA SIRIS PROCEDURES When operating the Candela Siris machine, one of the most advanced Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) systems, ensuring proper eye protection is paramount for both the practitioner and the patient. Attenutech offers specialized IPL glasses designed to provide maximum safety and visibility during these procedures. In this guide, […]

Are Lead Aprons Necessary for Dental X-Rays?

Understanding the Role of Radiation Protection In the world of dental radiology, the safety of patients and practitioners is of utmost importance. A common question that arises is: are lead aprons necessary for dental X-rays? This article aims to shed light on the significance of lead aprons and thyroid collars in minimizing radiation exposure during […]

The Best Radiation Safety Glasses of 2024 by Attenutech

Radiation protection is a critical aspect in many industries, especially in healthcare settings. Among the essential protective gear are radiation safety glasses, which shield the eyes from harmful X-ray radiation. As we step into 2024, Attenutech stands out with its range of high-quality radiation safety glasses. Here’s a look at five of their top styles this […]

Understanding X-Ray Markers: A Comprehensive Guide

In the realm of medical imaging, x-ray markers play a crucial role, yet their significance is often overlooked. This article delves into the world of X-ray markers, outlining their purpose, types, and importance in radiographic film analysis. shop LEAD MARKERS shop PATIENT CARE PRODUCTS WHAT ARE X-RAY MARKERS? EXPLORING THEIR ROLE IN RADIOGRAPHY X-ray markers, […]

Stoggles Review: Safety Glasses for Ultimate Eye Protection

In today’s world, prioritizing safety is of utmost importance, and one aspect of personal protective equipment (PPE) that often goes unnoticed is eye protection. This Stoggles review delves into the innovative world of safety glasses, exploring their features, benefits, and why they are a game-changer in the realm of protective eyewear. shop stoggles safety glasses […]

Why Is Scatter Radiation a Safety Concern?

In the realm of medical imaging and radiation therapy, scatter radiation is a term that raises significant safety concerns. Understanding the implications of scatter radiation exposure is crucial for healthcare professionals and patients. In this blog, we will delve into why scatter radiation is a safety concern and explore measures to mitigate its risks. shop […]

Safety Glasses for Hospital Workers: Protecting Healthcare Heroes

In a hospital’s fast-paced and demanding environment, the safety and well-being of healthcare workers are paramount. While personal protective equipment (PPE) such as masks and gloves often take center stage, eye protection shouldn’t be overlooked. Safety glasses for hospital workers play a vital role in safeguarding the eyes of these healthcare heroes, and in this […]

When to Use a Thyroid Shield: Protecting Your Thyroid from Radiation

Radiation exposure is a concern in various medical procedures, from diagnostic imaging like CT scans and dental X-rays to therapeutic treatments involving radiation therapy. The thyroid shield is an essential piece of radiation protection gear often used in these situations. In this article, we’ll explore when and why you should use a thyroid shield to […]

Red Light Therapy Safety Glasses: Protecting Your Eyes with Precision

In today’s fast-paced world, health and wellness have taken center stage. People are constantly seeking new ways to improve their well-being and overall quality of life. Red light therapy has emerged as a popular and effective method for addressing various health concerns, from pain relief to skin rejuvenation. However, when it comes to red light […]

The Role of OR Table Safety Straps on Improving Patient Well-being and Safety

In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare, patient safety continues to serve as the guiding principle influencing every medical decision and technological advancement. As surgical procedures become more complex and diverse, the importance of ensuring patient well-being and safety has never been more pronounced. One essential element that often goes unnoticed but plays a critical role […]

The Role of Lead Glasses in Radiology: Enhancing Safety Without Compromising Vision

The use of ionizing radiation in radiology exposes healthcare professionals, patients, and even visitors to potential health hazards. In this article, we explore the vital role of lead glasses in radiology, their purpose, benefits, and how Attenutech leads the way in safeguarding the vision and well-being of medical professionals. Protecting Radiology Professionals: A Necessity Radiation […]

How to Order Custom Lead Aprons

In the realm of healthcare and radiological sciences, one crucial accessory stands tall as the guardian of both patients and medical professionals – the lead apron. These unassuming yet indispensable garments play a pivotal role in safeguarding against the invisible forces of ionizing radiation. At Attenutech, our lead apron offerings come in two distinct categories: […]

Stoggles Prescription Glasses: The Perfect Safety Eyewear for Healthcare and Medical Workers

In the demanding and high-stress environment of healthcare and medical facilities, the safety and well-being of patients and medical professionals are paramount. One often overlooked aspect of this safety is eye protection. Healthcare workers are exposed to a variety of potential eye hazards, from infectious materials to harmful chemicals. That’s where Stoggles prescription glasses come […]

Preserving Protection: Lead Apron Storage for Healthcare Facilities

Lead aprons play a crucial role in protecting individuals from harmful radiation exposure during various medical imaging procedures. However, the significance of lead apron storage often goes underestimated. Lead apron storage refers to the designated space or containers used to house lead aprons when they are not in use. These aprons are constructed with lead-infused […]

Why Are Laser Barriers Vital for Protecting Your Work Environment?

In a world where technological advancements are reaching new heights each day, the utilization of lasers has become ubiquitous across various industries. From medical procedures and scientific research to manufacturing and entertainment, lasers have proven their worth in countless applications. In the case of lasers, ensuring the safety of both personnel and the environment is […]

Radiation Exposure Control: The Crucial Role of X-Ray Attenuating Gloves

In the realm of modern medicine and scientific exploration, the invaluable tool of radiation has illuminated the hidden mysteries of the human body and the cosmos alike. Yet, with this powerful tool comes an inherent risk—a risk that can be mitigated through strategic precautions. The potential hazards of radiation exposure are well-documented, from increased cancer […]

What three radiation safety principles can you apply to follow ALARA

Radiation safety is of paramount importance in environments where individuals may be exposed to ionizing radiation. The ALARA (As Low As Reasonably Achievable) principle serves as a guiding principle for minimizing radiation exposure. By applying three key radiation safety principles – time, distance, and shielding – individuals can effectively reduce their exposure to harmful radiation. […]

How to Choose the Correct Laser Safety Glasses for Tattoo Removal

Tattoo removal procedures have become increasingly popular, and laser technology has emerged as one of the most effective methods for achieving satisfactory results. However, when it comes to tattoo removal, ensuring the safety of both the technician and the client is of utmost importance. This is where laser safety glasses play a crucial role. In […]

The Correct Laser Safety Glasses for your Holmium YAG Laser

Attenutech is committed to providing you with a vast array of certified laser safety glasses. There’s a vast array because there are so many different laser types that it’s always best to have the right pair of laser safety glasses based on the laser’s wavelength. That means if you’re working with a Holmium YAG Laser, […]

Lead-Free Aprons Vs. Lead Aprons: What is the Weight Difference?

Regardless of whether you opt for a lead apron or a lead-free apron, both options offer essential radiation protection in various fields, including the medical industry, dentistry, and nuclear facilities. Ionizing radiation can be life-threatening if it does not cause significant harm to the exposed areas, and having the right type of personal protective equipment […]


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