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Stoggles Prescription Glasses: The Perfect Safety Eyewear for Healthcare and Medical Workers

In the demanding and high-stress environment of healthcare and medical facilities, the safety and well-being of patients and medical professionals are paramount. One often overlooked aspect of this safety is eye protection. Healthcare workers are exposed to a variety of potential eye hazards, from infectious materials to harmful chemicals. That’s where Stoggles prescription glasses come […]

Preserving Protection: Lead Apron Storage for Healthcare Facilities

Lead aprons play a crucial role in protecting individuals from harmful radiation exposure during various medical imaging procedures. However, the significance of lead apron storage often goes underestimated. Lead apron storage refers to the designated space or containers used to house lead aprons when they are not in use. These aprons are constructed with lead-infused […]

Why Are Laser Barriers Vital for Protecting Your Work Environment?

In a world where technological advancements are reaching new heights each day, the utilization of lasers has become ubiquitous across various industries. From medical procedures and scientific research to manufacturing and entertainment, lasers have proven their worth in countless applications. In the case of lasers, ensuring the safety of both personnel and the environment is […]

Radiation Exposure Control: The Crucial Role of X-Ray Attenuating Gloves

In the realm of modern medicine and scientific exploration, the invaluable tool of radiation has illuminated the hidden mysteries of the human body and the cosmos alike. Yet, with this powerful tool comes an inherent risk—a risk that can be mitigated through strategic precautions. The potential hazards of radiation exposure are well-documented, from increased cancer […]

What three radiation safety principles can you apply to follow ALARA

Radiation safety is of paramount importance in environments where individuals may be exposed to ionizing radiation. The ALARA (As Low As Reasonably Achievable) principle serves as a guiding principle for minimizing radiation exposure. By applying three key radiation safety principles – time, distance, and shielding – individuals can effectively reduce their exposure to harmful radiation. […]

How to Choose the Correct Laser Safety Glasses for Tattoo Removal

Tattoo removal procedures have become increasingly popular, and laser technology has emerged as one of the most effective methods for achieving satisfactory results. However, when it comes to tattoo removal, ensuring the safety of both the technician and the client is of utmost importance. This is where laser safety glasses play a crucial role. In […]

The Correct Laser Safety Glasses for your Holmium YAG Laser

Attenutech is committed to providing you with a vast array of certified laser safety glasses. There’s a vast array because there are so many different laser types that it’s always best to have the right pair of laser safety glasses based on the laser’s wavelength. That means if you’re working with a Holmium YAG Laser, […]

Lead-Free Aprons Vs. Lead Aprons: What is the Weight Difference?

Regardless of whether you opt for a lead apron or a lead-free apron, both options offer essential radiation protection in various fields, including the medical industry, dentistry, and nuclear facilities. Ionizing radiation can be life-threatening if it does not cause significant harm to the exposed areas, and having the right type of personal protective equipment […]

Nurse-Approved Medical Safety Glasses: Our Top Choices

Nurses are truly some of the most important front liners when it comes to taking care of us. So it only makes it that much more important that they have the right medical safety glasses to protect them from different hazards. Having safety glasses for nurses ensures that the eyes will be protected from injury.  […]

How much does the Lead Equivalency need to be for Lead Gloves?

This is an excellent question because when it comes to radiation protection, you want to always have the right amount with your protective equipment.  For example, lead gloves are specifically built and designed to protect against harmful radiation and constant radiation exposure. In addition, they also protect against contamination in industrial settings to medical and […]

What’s the minimum requirement for lead aprons according to 21 CFR?

Numerous recommendations and regulating bodies exist regarding the safety of items such as personal protective equipment or PPE. That’s because PPE is meant to be able to protect the wearer from dangerous situations. One of those governing bodies is the Food and Drug Administration, which covers some areas of PPE, such as radioactive equipment and […]

Why IPL Glasses are Essential for Safe and Effective Treatment

Intense pulsed light (IPL) therapy is a popular cosmetic and medical procedure that uses high-energy pulses of light to treat various skin conditions, including acne, sun damage, and unwanted hair. While IPL therapy can be an effective treatment option, it can also cause eye damage if the eyes are not adequately protected. This is where […]

Wearing tips for radiation safety glasses

Not all radiation safety glasses are made the same. With the rest of the equipment that you may wear, in addition to lead or radiation glasses, you want to consider a few things. Otherwise, you’re going to feel uncomfortable, or worse; you will not wear radiation safety glasses when you need them the most.  Consider […]

The best laser safety glasses for 810 Dental Diode Laser

For those that need to handle the 810 Dental Diode laser, we have a huge selection of options that come in varying designs and styles, but most importantly, all come with the right specifications to keep your eyes protected at all times when using this type of equipment. In addition, our options all cover the […]

Transfer Boards Guide

Anyone that’s ever had to move a patient from one location to another immediately realizes that it’s important to maximize the patient’s comfort and to have speed and efficiency when moving the patient. This is done with the use of transfer boards which tend to be light enough to carry the additional weight of someone […]

New Disposable Eye shields just arrived

We have a new product set at Attenutech we’re happy to offer. It’s a set of varying eye-protective shields that are catered to specific procedures or needs. With that in mind, just know that these eye shields are not interchangeable and should only be used for their specific needs. We’re currently carrying four options that […]

Attenutech’s New Laser Safety Glasses for Medical Segments

Attenutech is exceptionally happy to now offer a brand-new category of laser safety glasses. In fact, these laser safety glasses are perfect for many medical segments that involve the use of lasers by medical professionals. Here at Attenutech, our goal is to educate our customers about the importance of protecting your eyes during laser procedures. […]

Attenutech’s New Line of Precision Skin Marking and Labeling Systems or Lead Markers

Attenutech is proud to carry a line of Precision Skin Markers, or lead markers, for use in radiation environments. In fact, these lead markers work as a skin marking and labeling system for medical professionals. They help to label and indicate areas to doctors and technicians during radiation procedures. This helps for more precise diagnosing. […]

The Proper Ways of Storing Your Lead Aprons Using Racks and Hangers

After purchasing your lead aprons from Attenutech, you should always properly store them to prevent damage or creasing. In fact, by properly storing this medical equipment, you can extend its lifetime by triple. Aprons need to properly hang on a rack or hanger. In fact, this rack or hanger must be specifically for protective apron […]

The Importance of Protecting Your Head Against the Harmful Effects of Radiation

From being in the radiation segment, Attenutech knows the importance of protecting our customers from harmful effects of scatter radiation. In fact, we supply our consumers with top-of-the-line lead radiation wearables that protect them in radiation environments. We also believe that it is incredibly important for men and women to protect their heads from radiation. […]


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