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Wearing tips for radiation safety glasses

Not all radiation safety glasses are made the same. With the rest of the equipment that you may wear, in addition to lead or radiation glasses, you want to consider a few things. Otherwise, you’re going to feel uncomfortable, or worse; you will not wear radiation safety glasses when you need them the most.  Consider […]

Review of Attenutech’s Nike Lead Glasses 7146 New Style for 2022

Attenutech is a company committed to always providing our customers with up-to-date styles and protection.  We strive to help our customers gear up to protect themselves in radiation environments they might encounter. Our customers deal with the effects of scatter radiation at work every day. This takes place in hospitals, doctors offices, and labs. These […]

The 5 Best Styles for Prescription Radiation Safety Glasses

Attenutech is a company that strives to provide optimum eye protection for those that work in radiation involved environments. In fact, Attenutech provides Lead Glasses to workers that deal with optical exposure to different types of radiation. Workers that can benefit from radiation eyewear include x-ray machine operators, fluoroscopy units, radioisotopes and more. Also, those […]

The Best Cath Lab Radiation Safety Glasses

Occupational radiation exposure is a major concern for catheterization laboratory workers. Lead radiation safety glasses are crucial for the protection of nurses, doctors, and medical workers alike in the cath lab. Therefore, both men and women medical workers are at risk from radiation injury because of their exposure to scatter radiation in catheterization laboratories. From […]

How to Buy Nike Radiation Lead Safety Glasses

Workers in all medical segments with radiation exposure know how important it is to protect their eyes on the job. Many workers in all segments need to protect their eyes from scatter radiation. It is crucial that these workers have the proper PPE for their eyes to combat the risk. As a leader in the […]

A Full Review of the Nike Brazen Lead Glasses for Radiation Protection

Here at Attenutech, we commit ourselves to gearing up our customers in radiation environments with the best possible protection. We are a company that provides the best radiation protection in high-risk surgical environments. Therefore, Attenutech’s commitment to providing x-ray protection for men and women has naturally extended to optical safety. In fact, it has its […]

The benefits of adding an anti-fog coating to your lead radiation glasses

As many of our customers know, clear and uninhibited vision is important in all work segments. Having clear and accurate sight improves the accuracy and precision of your work. However, this is exceptionally important for those that work in medical segments. As a leader in radiation protection equipment, Attenutech caters to those that need radiation […]

How to clean your radiation safety glasses

Congratulations on purchasing your new radiation lead glasses from Attenutech! Lately, many consumers that work in medical segments have put their trust in Attenutech to provide lead glasses that are ultra-protective in X-Ray environments. While Attenutech strives to only provide customers with glasses that are high quality and durable, it is still important for our […]

Attenutech unveils 5 new styles Nike lead radiation glasses

Lately, Attenutech is working to further expand their line of lead glasses for radiation protection. As a leader in the radiation protective equipment segment, it is extremely important for Attenutech to provide the best lead protection options on the market. This includes supplying customers with some of the most well-loved brands on the market. Many […]

The 5 Best Oakley Radiation Safety Glasses

Oakley is a well known and loved brand across many optical segments. Customers have devotion for Oakley’s sunglasses, athletic glasses, shooting glasses, and more! Therefore, Attenutech is proud to showcase their carefully curated collection of Lead Glasses for men and women by Oakley. Oakley has the admiration of many fans when it comes to their […]

Tips On Wearing Radiation Safety Glasses When Completing X-Rays

Whether you are completing an x-ray for the first time or are completing your hundredth, you undoubtedly understand the importance of doing the best job possible. Your patients and colleagues are depending on you to do your best work, so it is critical to put yourself in a position to consistently excel. Part of that […]

The Best Nike Lead Glasses

Working in an environment with excessive radiation can be scary. Not only do you need to worry about whether you are being fully protected, but you need to do the best job possible in front of you. In this article, you will find the best Nike lead glasses. This is especially true in the medical sector. […]

How to select the right Leaded Glasses for Fluoroscopy

Discover everything you need to know to select the right leaded glasses for fluoroscopy and other radiation procedures. Are you a physician that performs Interventional procedures utilizing fluoroscopy (either fixed mounted in a Fluoroscopy room, or C-Arm)? If the answer is yes, then you are most certainly wearing radiation safety glasses during your procedures to […]


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