Attenutech releases new lead apron cleaning solutions - Attenutech Blog

Attenutech releases new lead apron cleaning solutions

Attenutech releases new lead apron cleaning solutions. Attenutech Blog

Across the radiation medical segment, medical staff have the constant need for good cleaning solutions for their protective radiation gear. This happens in operating rooms, doctors’ offices, and labs alike. In fact, one of the biggest problems with medical equipment that passes from patient to patient is the constant need to keep this gear clean and bacteria free. Medical equipment faces similar challenges to items like sporting equipment. It is a similar situation in which bacteria can pass from user to user. This is why it has become infinitely important to expertly disinfect lead aprons after each use.

Attenutech, a leader in radiation safety equipment, has released its own line of preferred lead apron cleaning solutions. Cleaning lead aprons is not just about getting rid of any stains on them. In fact, radiation garments can often carry highly contagious fungus such as Ringworm. It can also carry viruses and harmful bacteria. This is why cleaning lead radiation gear on a schedule is highly important. Cleaning your apron is important to regularly and thoroughly promote a sterile work environment.

Therefore, Attenutech provides a solution to the often-faced problem of how exactly to keep lead garments clean. The first question about apron maintenance that our customers often ask us is how to keep their lead aprons clean. Often, lead aprons will get dirty during use in almost any environment. This can happen in an operating room, lab, or office during any procedure or test. This is because they are frequently in medical environments with sick or injured patients. Attenutech advises that all lead garments are sanitary immediately following the patient removing them. An immediate proper cleaning will help to eliminate the spread of bacteria onto other surfaces or garments. Additionally, it is easy to remove any stains if done as quickly as possible.

Attenutech’s team has carefully selected lead apron cleaning agents. The cleaning solutions Attenutech has put their trust in are manufactured by Revolution and Clorox. The revolution product is called Scrubbles and is utilized by cleaning the apron in segments. Revolution Scrubbles apron cleaner is the first and only cleaning solution developed specifically for aprons. Customers can apply Scrubbles on one section of apron at a time and allow it to stand for a few minutes. Then, scrub the area with the soft bristle brush. Do not let the solution dry before rinsing. Finally, rinse that section and move on to the next. The process of using Scrubbles is simple and easy. This makes it a great choice for busy medical staff.

The Clorox cleaning agent Attenutech has chosen is called Clorox HealthcareTM Hydrogen Peroxide Cleaner Disinfectant. It is a prime choice for those that use lead radiation aprons in operating room segments. This is the highly professional sanitation choice. Additionally, it is available in both a spray and a wipe form. Attenutech provides the cleaner in both of these forms. To clean the apron with the Clorox solution, simply spot clean the apron carefully with a damp cloth and the Clorox disinfectant spray or wipe. If there is staining or debris that needs more vigorous scrubbing to clean, use gentle tools such as a toothbrush with soft bristles.

Attenutech’s new line of lead apron cleaning solutions is available here. These solutions are available at an affordable price and are highly efficient. In fact, the Scrubbles cleaning solution and Clorox cleaning solution are highly recommended and utilized by medical professionals in the lead radiation segment. Check out Attenutech’s line of lead apron cleaners today!

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